(Two Nights)

Dates are available on weekends or during the week for those looking to build and strengthen their hearts for doing cross-cultural missions. You will dig into the core truths of God’s mission and explore deeper commitments to that mission. You may choose from three options: Explore 101, Explore 102 and Explore Custom.

Explore 101

Be challenged to: 

  • gain a foundational understanding of God’s mission to the nations
  • unplug from the grid for up to 48 hours
  • grow in Biblical understanding
  • step out of your comfort zone
  • interact with ordinary people who serve an extraordinary God around the world

Explore 101 is appropriate for ages 8 and over.
Group size: 12 – 30

Explore 102

Mission teams planning short term, cross-cultural trips will:

  • learn from experienced missionaries
  • discover how to effectively engage across cultures
  • grow as a team while exploring tough issues

Explore 102 is for ages 15 and over.

Explore Custom

At Explore Custom, you can:

  • bring your own mission team preparation curriculum
  • stay in and use our simulated village setting
  • hear a presentation about Bible translation and JAARS’ role in missions


Edge (six nights)

Encounter (two to four hours)